Choir history

The Kauniainen Chambre Choir - GÖR - is a bilingual (Swedish & Finnish) mixed choir with about 25 singers. We are member of FSSMF. Our choir was founded in 1974, and it is an independent and self-financed registered association. We strive to contribute to the cultural life. We perform music in many genres: classic choir works, sacred music, jazz and entertainment music. We are seeking new singers to join our active and good-spirited choir.

Satu Simola who's work with the choir started in August 2016 and will lead us to our tour in Rome. Farewell concert is at Grankulla church 21.10.2019 at 7 pm, return concert in Espoonlahti church 6.11.2019 at 7 pm. Christmas concert is planned to be on the 18th of December in Kauniainen church.

Satu Simola has diplomas in both choir and orchestra conduction from the Estonian Academy of Music and from the Sibelius Academy. In addition to leading GÖR, Ms. Simola is also artistic leader for the Musical Society and the Chamber Orchestra Soidaan r.f. and for the Turku University symphony orchestra Collegium Musicum.  She is also a visiting conductor for Kaukametsä Chamber Orchestra. Together with the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra Ms. Simola has developed the web based pedagogical lecture series “Learn to listen classical”. During the autumn 2016 Ms. Simola teaches at the Sibelius Academy.

Ms. Simola has published compositions and recordings (Sulasol). In 2013 she composed a piece for a chamber orchestra “Hiiri” - an orchestral saga for children and in 2016 a song- and musical piece Kippokaupungin karnevaali (Sulasol) will be published. Ms. Simola has been a visiting conductor for the regional orchestras in Joensuu, Vaasa, Pori and Lappeenranta and also the Tapiola Sinfonietta.

Christmas concert for children and adults at Grankulla church at 6 pm 18.12.2019

Now it is Christmas! Andrea Kjeldner performs as St Lucia. Satu Simola, director of Music-

Back from Rome at 7 pm Espoonlahti church 6.11.2019

Director Satu Simola
Kjell Knapas pipes

In Rome Nativity Church Via Gallia 164 at seven thirty pm 26.10.2019

Director Satu Simola

GÖR concert in the evangelical church on Via del Teatro Valle 25.10.2019

Director Satu Simola
Kjell Knapas, fortepiano

with Laboratorio Cameristico Interculturale
Luigi GORI, flute
Lyudmila KRUPEY, violin
Fabrizio ROSSI, fortepiano

TOWARDS ROME 21.10.2019

Farewell concert at 7 pm in Grankulla church

Director Satu Simola
Accomp. Kjell Knapas

Joint concert with GÖR and POL ( Pohjalaisten Osakuntien Laulajat) 15.5. at 19.00 in Hietsun Pavilljonki in Helsinki and 16.5. at 19.00 at Villa Breda in Kauniainen 16.5.2019

Concert and singalong at the church in Grankulla - Kauniainen at 4 pm 15.12.2018

Mendelssohn Psalm 95 op.46 Grankulla Kammarkör directed by Satu Simola,
André Aho tenor, Olli Saari organist
Program leaflet 15 €

Krakow, Poland, Mozart: Requiem 20.10.2018

Over the sea - Spring concert at the New Pavilion in Grankulla at 18:30 17.5.2018

Missa Simile est Regnum and O Quam Gloriosum by Tomas Luis de Victoria

Kuula - Holst - Fougstedt

Conducted by George Parris

Tickets (15 €) from choir singers, at the door, and from

Christmas Concert in Kauniainen 16.12.2017

At the Church on Kavall Road

Mozart Requiem in Helsinki 26.11.2017

The Church in Berghäll (Kallio)

Mozart Requiem in Turku 25.11.2017

St. Michael, Åbo

Spring is here 11.5.2017

Thursday 11.5. kl 19.00 in Nya Paviljongen, Grankulla.
Benjamin Britten
Edward Elgar
Ralf Vaughan Williams
John Lennon & Paul McCartney

Grankulla Kammarkör
Conductor Satu Simola
Accompanist Mikael Söderlund'

Christmans concert 17.12.2016

at 4 pm and 6 pm in the Kauniainen church
Conductor Satu Simola
Soloists Trio Saludo
Programme Ramirez Misa Criolle, Öhrwall Gaudete, Pie Cantiones and more
The concert at 4 pm will be visited by Grankulla lucia
Programme 15 €

Service in Grankulla kyrka 9.10.2016

In the service at noon we sing
Kyrie from Ramirez Misa Criolla
Bruckner: Graduale Locus iste
Heikki Klemetti: Christus pro nobis passus est

Grankulla kammarkör and Oratorieföreningen i Helsingfors present 29.4.2016

Peteris Vasks:  Missa  
Gabriel Fauré:  Requiem            
Conductors Alf Nybo och Tom Eklundh
Soloists: Hedvig Paulig, soprano, Robert Näse, baryton
Bulevardens Kammarmusiksällskap
Tom Eklundh och Anna-Clara Grundström, rehearsal choral conductors
The Rock Church in Helsinki at 7 p.m.

Grankulla kammarkör and The Helsinki Swedish Oratorio choir presents 24.4.2016

Peteris Vasks:  Missa  
Gabriel Fauré:  Requiem            
Conductors Alf Nybo och Tom Eklundh
Solists: Hedvig Paulig, sopran, Robert Näse, baryton
Bulevardens Kammarmusiksällskap          
Tom Eklundh och Anna-Clara Grundström, rehearsal choral conductors
Kauniainen church at 7 p.m.

Encanto 15.4.2016

We participate in the Encanto festival in Kauniainen
Peteris Vasks parts Sanctus and Benedictus
Concductor Alf Nybo, Tom Eklundh and Anna-Clara Grundström, rehearsal choral conductors
Soloists: Hedvig Paulig, soprano, Robert Näse, baryton
Boulevardens Kammarmusiksällskap
Grankulla kammarkör
Svenska Oratorieföreningen i Helsingfors
Kauniaisten Uudessa Paviljongissa at 7 p.m.

Christmas 2015 19.10.2015

Traditional christmas concert 19.12. at 6 pm
in the Kauniainen church
Conductor Tom Eklundh
Soloist Hedvig Paulig
Kauniainen Lucia

Jubilee concert, Culture biennal in Danderyd 11.10.2015

Participation in the Danderyd Cultural biennale together with other Danderyd choirs
Jean Sibelius "Snöfrid" , text by Viktor Rydberg
Lars-Erik Larsson "Förklädd Gud" text by Hjalmar Gullberg
Maestro: Rikard Karlsson
Soloosts: Hillevi Martinpelto, soprano and Loa Falkman, baryton

Spring flowers in Uusi Paviljonki in Kauniainen at 6.30 pm 28.5.2015

Traditional summer carols
Guests: Mariann Maans, Maria Kalaniemi and Antti Savilampi

Palm Sunday mass in the Kauniainen church 29.3.2015

Christmas concert 20.12.2014

Christmas concerts in the Kauniainen church on 20.12.2014 at 3 pm and 6 pm
Anders Öhrwall: Gaudete and traditional christmas carols
Director Tom Eklundh
Tickets 15 €

Förklädd Gud 30.11.2014

We perform Förklädd Gud by Lars-Erik Larsson at Kauniainen orchestra's concert in the New Pavillon i Kauniainen on November 30th 2014 at 6 pm
Hedvig Paulig, Tuomas Lehtinen, Fred Negendanck
Conductor Tuomas Rousi
Tickets 20 € / 15 €

Canta al Mar 2014 23.10.2014

21.-16.10.2014 Canta al Mar, Calella, Spain
Lorca / Purcell / Kuula / Mäntyjärvi
Conductor Tom Eklundh

40th anniversary concert 28.9.2014

28.9.2014 at 6 pm 40 anniversary concert in Olarin kirkko in Espoo
Grieg / Klemetti / Mäntyjärvi / Mozart / Kuula / Larsson
Soloists: Hedvig Paulig, soprano, Aarne Pelkonen, baryton, Fred Negendanck, recitation
The Kauniainen orchestra conducted by Tuomas Rousi
Conductors Tom Eklundh och Rolf W Ahlberg
Free admission

Spring concert 26.5.2014

Purcell / Rautavaara / Grieg / Kuula / Mäntyjärvi / Brahms / Bruckner
Nya Paviljongen, Grankulla
Monday 26.5.2014 at 19.00
Tickets 15€

Christmas Oratorio 21.12.2013

J.S. Bach: Christmas Oratorio (I – III)
Kauniainen Church, December 21, 2013 at 15.00 and 18.00
Bulevardens Kammarmusiksällskap
Conductor: Tom Eklundh
Soloists: Hedvig Paulig / Erica Back / Niall Chorell / Robert Näse / Albert Sahlström
Tickets 20€

Spring concert 21.5.2013

Fougstedt / Palmgren / Taube / Åhlen / Rautavaara / Mäntyjärvi / P.J. Hannikainen
Nya Paviljongen, Grankulla
Tuesday 21.5.2013 at 19.00
Tickets 15€

Förklädd Gud 17.3.2013

Lady Day concert
Sunday, March 17, 2013 at 18.00 In Kemiö church
Conductor Juha Kuivanen
Soloists Hanna-Leena Haapamäki & Tuomas Lehtinen
Organist Anna Pulli
Narrator Riko Eklundh
Programme 15€

Three nights to Christmas 22.12.2012

Christmas concert for the whole family
Conductor Juha Kuivanen
Visiting performer Pernilla Karlsson
Grankulla kyrka
Programme 15€

Four-handed 28.5.2012

Switching conductors
Monday, May 28, 2012 at 18.00 at Nya Paviljongen
Conductors R.W. Ahlberg and Juha Kuivanen
Tickets 15€